Pregnant Dog shaking

Its me again, I think we are down to it, Miya's due date was Friday, so she is a little passed it. She is a 60lb German Shepard/Akita. She sleeps with us in the bed, and this morning when we woke up, she was shaking almost uncontrollably. Also, she has this sad look in her eyes, but she has had that since our runs have stopped. She wouldn't move until the cat tried to come in, and then she jumped up and pounced on it. Normally they play nicely together. Is she more prone to getting cold at this point? We keep the house a little cold, but she is in the warmest room by far, its in the mid 60s.. the rest of the house is right around 60s but she hasn't been out of the room since last night. Does anyone know if there is a problem, if she is just cold, or if she is just in the first stage of labor?
I am by no means an expert on this matter, but as far as I am concerned shaking is not a normal part of pregnancy or the onset of labor. In fact, its a big danger sign AFTER birth of complications. If your dog is still the same, I'd really encourage you to ask the vet out. I hope everything works out OK, and please let us know how you get on...
She seems to be better now, I think it was just a part of the labor, she is moving into panting and digging now, throwing all my blankets into a pile and then laying on them. at this point shouldn't she have some kind of discharge? As far as I can tell there is none, but she does lick herself and her tail quite a bit, the fur on the very bottom of her back is all matted down and is starting to thin. Her tail has bald spots on it. Is this normal? Other than that she seems to be showing normal pre-labor symptoms, nothing abnormal, lack of appetite, drinks a little water, paces, wants to be around me all the time, panting, and digging. I'll see if I can get some pictures up after she has them.