my cat won't stop vomiting HELP

Thanks to all. I am new here on these boards and needing some helpful suggestion, advise, etc.. My 10 yr. olf female, spayed, kitty has been vomiting all night and still is at 2:00 pm.. She has done this before when a hairball is lodged and usually passes it within a day. Her vomit is mostly foam now since I haven't fed her anything but hairball medication. There is a bit of pink in it now. She is acting worn out. I don't know what to do. I am applying for social security disability and have no income so can't take her to the vet.. I know this isn't a responsibile pet owner here... but i didn't expect my illness and loss of job. I have always taken my pets to a vet.. I am feeding both my kitties, Blue, (spa select) light formula since she is 13 lbs.. I also have some Natural Balance (venison and green pea formula) in it and alittle bit of hairball type. I don't think it's the food since she's lodged hairballs before. She is a constant groomer and may have her put on a holistic anti stress med... I honestly can't take her to the vet. I really have no money.
I had several places to go today, Dr. and pharamacy and grocery store and then to the bank along with many papers to get filled out for my appeal on SSDI which are late. I can't leave with her sick nor can I do anything but keep an eye on her. I have paper towels down so I know where all she has vomited so need to clean them up. There are 18 places. Does anyone know what I can do? I love animals dearly and work in advocacy. Sorry to dump this on you. I know she needs a vet. With all respect, Slamina

Do you have a shelter or a rescue in the area? They might now of a low cost vet...or a vet that will work out a payment schedule.

Contact vets and let them know about your situation.
-Ask if they have payment plans
-Ask if they have any type of low income support
-Ask if any rescues/shelters/humane societies work with them that might help you (and call them)
Excessive vomitting is going to dehydrate your kitty and she is rupturing small blood vessels in her throat which causes the blood...or worse. You have to find a medical option if she has been vomitting for this long.
Don't you have any friends? family? anyone that could help?

till then...I would suggest calling a vet...see if they will look at her...tell them your situation.
And offer your cat food, see if she will eat. It doesnt sound good that she is puking up "pink"...

at least call and ask if they can give her subq fluids to keep her hydrated since she is probably dehydrated from vomiting so much. They are fairly inexpensive. The fluids may perk her up a bit and at this point sounds like your best option.

Ask if your vet accepts Care Credit. It's a credit card that is availible at more clinics. Go to:

To all off you who responded to my post, thank you so much and I deeply apologize for not getting back to the board. I am working on my own social security disability civil court case. Icky!!!! Coddy, my kittty is doing a whole lot better. It was a lodged hairball which has happened before with her. I am putting extra bulk in her food and a supplement called (the missing link) and keeping her on the paste for hairballs even if she's not acting like she has one. Just today she threw up another one. But it came up and out whole!! I was so worried and did try calling almost every vet but they would just send me to another. We really don't have much here in cedar Rapids, IA for low cost anything when it comes to pets. I called spayUSA a year ago and they were amazed we didn't have anything. So I've been approaching vets. about signing up but they don't seem interested. How sad and seflish too.. I will check out the link. My vet. told me that most catfoods don't have the fiber needed so she requested I add a type of Metameucil to their food. That has helped so much. I'm so glad she's back to her loving and happy self. and for people like you. I am not on the boards mucg at all since my case work. I am anxious for it to me over so I can do the things I want to again. Love to you all and your furry family's and other's. Slamina

Wow...that was a hairball? Wow...poor kitty. Maybe try switching her to a hairball cat food. (I dont really know if they work...but Im sure someone on here will know.)
or you could always shave her...just kidding! I actually have my cats shaved in the summer. like a poodle.

Thanks for all you people answering my post. It's so kind of you.
Coddy has been on hairball food before and all it did was turn her vomit orange color and stained the carpet real bad. That didn't take priority over her hairballs but rather, we found science diet hairball and all science diet food to have poor ingredients. I tried others but they didn't work. She has a skin condition too so we tried her on something for that which didn't do much so we went to a natural food that's gentle on stomach. She has possible food allergies too and this should tell us if it is a food or the enviorment. I do introduce new foods to her very slowly!! I am taking her to the vet. again and find out why she is so prone to hairballs lodging. My other kitty expels them easily. They both clean each other alot and we have thought about shaving them. Really!!! We do cut the long haired kitty ourselves. She looks funny but feels a whole lot better in the summer. So far she has been passing any hair so I am hoping that keeping up with the laxatone twice a week, it will prevent them from getting lodged. I may need to get her on a mild calming agent since she cleans way too often. The vet. says it could be her nerves. She is a nervous kitty. We found her dumped in our yard 8 years ago, pregnant, sick, fleas and earmites terribly!!!! She takes extra care but is worth it.
Thanks again and I hope for all of you a very merry Christmas and a safe and healthy one. Slamina and Coddy.... Sami too