cat has really smelly poop.......I mean REALLY smelly!! :)

My male cat really has smelly poop. Its stinks up my whole house! and he even covers it up right away. Its really normal looking...nice and solid...healthy looking.
I use Swheats cat litter.......and Im feeding him....jeez I cant think of the name...I want to say California Natural...its the indoor formula in a greenish bag sold at my pet store.
Im thinking of maybe trying to switch his food...but I also have 2 other cats to think of (that dont have a problem at all)
Could this just be a male thing?
This boy can definitely clear out a room!! ha ha ha...

All poop is stinky !

Your cat's stinky stools may be directly linked to whatever you're feeding him. Carnivores, such as cats, produce a much more smelly fecal matter that their herbivorous counterparts in the animal kingdom. Some brands of cat food use vegetable fillers. These foods help some cats, but do not taste as good to most cats. Soy and similar vegetable additives produce more gas, making your cat stink even worse.
You didn't say if the smelly stools are "normal" for your cat, or if it's a new occurance. Increased odor in the stool sometimes occurs with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), is noticed by many cat owners whose cats have hyperthyroidism and can occur with cholangiohepatitis (inflammation in the liver and bile ducts) as well pancreatitis.
Choice of cat litter may be your best weopon. There are many odor absorbing litters on the market. Try them all, and choose the one you and your cat likes best. Consider additives, such as baking soda, mixed in the litter.

Cedar shavings mixed in with your litter helps too. Or even the shavings without the litter.

Smelly cat poop? Welcome to my world.
Peanut has the smelliest poop I have ever had the privledge of smelling. It doesn't matter what I feed her, her poop is just really, really smelly. I have taken her poop in for testing, and the vet says it's normal. I use crushed pine, and I flush it as soon as I discover it. It's just something I control as best I can, and learn to live with.
The culprit!
"Who me?"

This is pretty much normal from him. lol. He is 3 years old now, and Ive had him since he was a kitten. It just seems each year it gets smellier. When I had him at the vet for his last check up the vet said he was healthy..and that some cats just have smelly poop.
Ive tried different brands that are sold at grocery stores-and just about 3 months ago I switched to Swheats...and it seemed to be working for awhile...Ive also tried different brands of that I think of it...I wonder if he is eating the dog food?!?!? That could explain the shift in the smell... He does think he is part dog. and he also likes to chew on my dog's monster bone.
This has become the joke of my house....instead of waking up to fresh flowers or fresh wake up to the smell of Snickers. (my cats name) lol

Change of diet ^_^
A while back I tried my trio on canned food again... it helped greatly, but they still poop'd a lot.
So I switched to frozen RAW food by Nature's Miracle. I'd have to litterally shove poop up my nose in order to smell anything now. Sorry so graphic