Anyone know of a good fly and gnat repellent for dogs?

I saw Fly-Off advertised in the newspaper today, it is a insect repellent that repels flies and gnats on dogs. It comes in either a lotion or a spray bottle, I think.
Patches has always had little gnats that fly around her butt in the summertime, and this year they have been bothering her alot. I often see her snapping at her back end and then running for cover in her doghouse.
Has anyone used Fly-Off? I'm a little hesitant because it is made by Farnam, the same company that makes Biospot, which Patches had a nasty reaction to before we knew it was unsafe to use on dogs. I can't find a website for Fly-Off anywhere that lists its ingredients, I'm looking specifically to see if it has Permethrin in it. Does anyone know anything about this product?

Found this online:

Thanks pebbles. I also went to the pet store and saw on the bottle of Fly-Off that it contains pyrethrin, so I put it right back on the shelf.
Does anyone have any natural remedies for keeping flies and gnats from bothering dogs?

Avon makes a product called Skin So Soft. It may help. What would really help is letting her indoors instead of her having to seek the sanctuary of an outdoor home to relieve herself of the painful nuisance. There are far less insects indoors than outdoors.

I found a company whose products you can use for just about everything - including insect repellant.
It's awesome -they have a lot of all natural cleaning products - no toxins and no chemicals. They have an entire book that tells how you can use the products or mix them for different uses- everything from cleaning the house, to getting skunk smell off the dog, to dry skin (for people and dogs), to getting bugs off your plants, and bugs off your dogs.
It's safe for people, animals and the environment because all they use for ingredients are things like citrus, tea tree oil, vinegar etc. It sounds strange that you can use the same products for all these things, but my mom alwyas use to say how you could use vinegar for just about everything - she was right. Oh and it's inexpensive too!
oops, I started to put a website, but forgot you can't put links, right?
Email me at and I'll get you the information.

We've always given our dogs brewers yeast on their food to help repel fleas. As for flies and gnats.. maybe it works too. I found a bunch of sites just googling "brewers yeast fly repel" one even gave 'recipes' for natural repels you can mix up at home.
Hope that helps.
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My favorite local pet supply store advertises a natural product called "Neem" for safe insect repellant. The ad specifically mentions flea & ticks, but you could look into it and see if it works on other bugs.
Apparently it comes in 3 formulas: 100% neem oil which you can add to shampoo, soap bars, and sprays.
I don't know more about this, but it may be a possibility.

Avon makes a product called Skin So Soft. .
my mom uses that on her dog. she says it works. i know that growing up she would rub that stuff on us like there was no tomorow.

Mix the skin so soft with oil of eucalyptus & water - keep in spray bottle. Works great. Also, repels fleas

Just wondering I know from training horses that some feed garlic to repel flies, does it work on dogs?

suebgone - do you mix everything equal parts?
and where do you find oil of eucalyptus?
How often and how much?

K19, yes garlic is used for dogs too. However many think it is harmful. Matter of fact you can buy garlic & brewers yeast tablets. The yeast produces gas tho.
wehave - wish ya hadn't asked. The oil - healthfood store or drugstore. How much - hmmmm about 10 to 1 water to SSS & then "some" oil. Sorry, I cook the same way!

Thank you everyone for the great suggestions! I'll have to try the Skin so Soft and if that doesn't work then I'll try others...I appreciate it!
su-fi...I would keep her indoors if I could. She's an outdoor dog unfortunately (my parents' choice)...she's still loved greatly though. Thanks for your suggestion!