dog puke! help

My dog has been vomiting recently, and I'm hoping you can help shed some light:
Andy is 8yrs old, eats reguarly 2x/day dry food. No food changes, no new stressors. overall, he is a very healthy boy. good spirits and does not appear at all lethargic.
I have noticed puke stains in my house (the best one is .. on the couch) and found him vomiting here and there over the past week or so. He pukes usually 4 hrs or more after eating a meal. There is no solid food in the puke, only very "foamy" like orange mixture with a semi-gritty type consistency. Amount is around 1/4 cup.
any thoughts....???

It sounds like he is vomiting up bile. That usually happens when a dog has an empty or upset stomach. Is he eating normally?

Is there anything new in the house he might be eating- like potpourri or a cleaning product?? The orange seems weird.

Could be Lyme Disease , my neighbors lab was vomiting alot just before
x-mas and he took him to the vet and the 7 yr old Lab had advanced
Lyme disease, and his kidneys had completely shut down, they had
to put him to sleep. It was so sad, I loved that blockhead so much
Pls get the dog to the vet ASAP

The foamy liquid your dog is vomiting up sounds like bile. It means his stomach was empty. He might be trying to clear a blockage, if he keeps on vomiting yet nothing comes up. It also might be some kind of stomach irritation.
It might be best to give his stomach a rest, and see if things straighten out on their own. Withhold food for 12 hours, and then try feeding him a bland diet of broth from boiled chicken (skin removed), lean hamburger or baby food. If he keeps that down, try feeding him a few small frequent bland meals for the next 12-24 hours.
If he throws up withhold all food for the next 24 hours, but allow the dog to drink so he doesn't get dehydrated. Give let him drink either water or Pedialyte (replaces lost electrolytes).
If your dog throws up for more than 48 hours, he needs to see a vet.

THank you to all of you for your feedback and advice. Let me answer the questions from above.
He is eating normally. I can't imagine anything he could be getting in to..
I have him vaccinated for Lyme's dz, because we go camping and Lyme's is a fear of mine--so I'm hoping that's not it.
5th beatle, thanks for your words too. I read your post and held off on his dinner. This morning he actually begged for breakfast (that never happens!). I went out and bought him a better brand of dog food from PetSmart called "Blue" with no corn. I'm hoping that all the natural ingredients may help settle his belly in very small portions. I made him some plain rice and he seemed to take to that too.
THank you to all of you. If anything else happens, I'll keep you posted.

Do you keep him outside anywhere where he can eat grass? I know when my dogs throw up from grass, its foamy bile, and then orange liquid seeps out underneath it. If not, that is also signs of a possible ulcer. Keep an eye on him, I'd call your vet if he doesn't get better.

Well first I would go to GNC (or any other vitamen store) and get pure ginger root tabs, it reduces vomiting, I have tried it, it works on anything, animals or people.
And if that don't stop it, I would make an oppiontment with your vet because it could be a more serious problem. But on the other hand it could be quite simple and cures with a simple pill.
And will those tabs, give him one in the morning with his food (like in a bite of something, like a little taste of hotdog or bologna) and one before bed. And contenue with his normal feeding rutine.
Good luck and I hope it all works out for the best.

when my 2 year old shih-tzu kept throwing up we called the vet they said give him sweet potatoes mixed with rice and and a little bit of chicken broth He was Way better the next day id give ur vet a call and ask them what they recommend !

my dog would eat, then go outside, vomit the food unbeknownst to me, then the bile in the house. it was pancreatitis, inflamed liver, and gall bladder caused by a blockage from something fatty she must have gotten out of the trash. see what the vet says

I would try feeding him chicken broth, and brown rice, but that was suggested by a vet for my friends Ridgeback. Call the vet, and see what he recommends.