Puppy Growth Plate Damage

I am interested in adopting a shelter dog, but before I commit to it, I wanted to get more information about growth plate damage. It seems the puppy may have been abused and is left with this damage. The shelter said that it is not serious, just that the dog may have a crooked leg her whole life. I am worried that more serious condition may develop from this...lameness, arthritis, a potentially need for surgery, etc. Has anyone had any experience with this? Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you!

My dog had a broken leg as a pup that was never fixed, before I got him. He had surgery but the leg id shorter than the others because of the growth plate damage. It has been a little over a year and the leg is fine. No pain even from the cold Alaska winters. OUt of habit he holds it up a bit sometimes.
Do they know how the injury happened? Have x-rays been done? If it is just growth plate damage I would say it shouldn't cause major problems, but most likely will have arthritis in that leg. X-rays will show growth plate damage and any issues with the bone. I would not get the dog if x-rays haven't been done because you may have a big problem on your hands.
When my dog came to the shelter I worked at he had been in 2 shelters before. Everyone noticed the slight limp but said they didn't feel it was worth an x-ray. We had one done and he had an old fracture that had healed. There was bone rubbing on bone and he needed surgery.
Good luck with whatever you decide.