Couch Cover to protect from cat scratching...

I'm looking to buy a couch cover to protect my leather couch from my cat's claws. Does anyone have any advice on a good material to shop for? Any advice on this is welcome.
Not all of the scratches are deliberate - some are just from her back claws when she jumps off the couch.

Use soft claws on front ones and trim back ones.
The Soft Claws are great.

Petsmart carries these adhesive strips to put on furniture, countertops, etc. -Called "Sticky Paws. I've known a few people who have had great sucess using them. And they won't damage or leave a sticky residue on your sofa.
And for $8.99 you get 24 strips:
A few other things I would recommend: Scratching posts and scratching pads -Plus a handy dandy water squirt bottle.
Good luck!

I read someplace that for some reason, cats seem to hate Ultrasuede. Maybe find a sample swatch and see if your cat avoids it, before investing in a large amount.
By the way, ebay is a great place to buy fabrics.
Also, if shedding is a problem, buy a sofa cover that matches your cat’s hair color. You should avoid loosely woven fabrics that beckon claws.

I have Surefit slipcovers for my couch and chair. Actually have 2 for each which makes it easier to keep it covered even when one is in the wash. I have 6 cats and they never scratch on the covers.