Dog twisted his front paw or something.

Last night my dogs were running around the house and basement playing. Nothing new. My Sheltie comes into the room I'm in with this pathetic look on his face and he had his front paw all curled up. I looked at it and there was nothing stuck in it. Knowing him, I'm betting he must've slid and it went the other way. It doesn't hurt him when I touch it anywhere. He was walking on it and took it upon himself to jump on and off the bed, I didn't tell him or make him do that. He's not limping. I can't describe it but he is walking slightly different. And when he stands it seems like its pointing slightly outward unlike the other paw that's perfectly straight..
Kept him off it all night and today. Like I didn't let him run around. But then just now tonight he got excited when someone came over and was jumping around and had it curled for a minute. But still walking fine..
He's never been hurt before but I think he's too hyper to even care if he was. But then again he's not even limping, he's stepping on it.
Sound like a pulled muscle? How long should it take before it's back to normal?

Just because he's not limping doesn't mean he didn't hurt himself. My german shepherd Zorro once broke his toe. He didn't cry or limp or anything, we just noticed something was up when the toe was swollen to twice its normal size.
The only time he threw a fuss was when they shaved it at the vet for a closer examination. Even then, it was perfectly fine to heal on its own.
It doesn't sound like your pup's injury is causing him a lot of pain if you can handle his foot. However, he may be walking differently to ease whatever pain he might have.
Either way, a consultation with the vet wouldn't hurt anything... Better safe than sorry.
Rest is probably best until you can get in touch with your vet.