Raw beef femur bones okay for dogs?

I came across some raw beef femur bones at my grocery store, and want to know if they are okay for dogs? If so, do I need to rinse them off/clean them? Thanks!!

The ones I've seen in grocery stores are usually smoked. I won't give any kind of cooked bones to our dogs. RAW bones are safe. Some are wary of giving large weight bearing bones like femurs b/c there is a risk of chipping a tooth on the hard, dense bone. We've given them and had no problems, but the bones I give have a fair amount of meat still on the bone, so the dogs gnaw and chew the meat off...they aren't necessarily chewing on the bone itself too much.

Thanks for the reply! They are definately raw, not smoked, bones. I'll probably give them to the dogs, and see how they do. Thanks again!!