our dog REALLY drooling over our new puppy

Help! I don't know how worried I should be about this. Our new two-month old male puppy joined our household today, and I've been caught off-guard by one aspect of how our two-year old female dog has reacted. Lucy, the female, is a very submissive dog, and has been known to engage in submissive urination from time to time. However, in the few hours since the puppy joined us, she has urinated in the house twice, and with much more volume than her typical submissive urination. What is more surprising to me is her drooling. HUGE amounts of drool, from a dog I've never before seen drool. Is this an expected anxiety-provoked response that we should be able to deal with by helping her deal with the anxiety, or perhaps something more worrisome? Thanks!

Depending on the dog the urination could be 2 things:
Submissive. If she's submissive to humans, it doesn't mean she'll be submissive to other dogs, kids, etc...
Dominance. She could simply be "marking territory" (yes, ladies do that too!) and letting the pup know who is boss, without being overly aggressive (like standing over the dog, attacking, etc...).
Either way...go back to housebreaking 101. Ignore the accident, but take her outside. Say NO if you can catch her in the act (no hitting). Use an enzymatic cleaner for the spot (especially so the puppy can't smell it). You know the housebreaking rules I'm sure!
Also drooling is very common and normal in many breeds. Anxiety and excitment will do it. THe new dog is probably the cause. Now, the thing is to find if it's excitment or anxiety causing it.
I would think if you are sure the older dog is getting equal attention, paying attention to unhealthy pack issues, and practicing NILIF, you'll all be just fine. Some alone time with both puppy and doggie should prove useful with training or refresher training, as well as reassuring both dogs they have a special place in your home. If you reassure your dog (through positive reenforcement, but without baby talk) your older dog may find the younger dog a good playmate. Also, my older dogs have "taught" my younger dogs stuff and it helped them bond.
Also, the rule here is you must post pics of new doggies! :-)
Oh I forgot something...a vet visit to check for a urinary tract infection might be a good thing. Might be able to get a two-for-one vist at the vet, since your younger one probably needs some vaccinations anyway. It could be an infection that just popped up at the same time as the new pup did!