My dog wanted to poop and nothing came out. We sat there for 10 minutes nothing came out. What can I give her to make her POOP??????

Don't give her anythign yet.
How long has it been since her last bowel movement, and what are you feeding her, list all dog foods, treats and human food.
Next time you go out, try running around with her for about 15-20 mins straight, i mean really run, this can help get everything moving again!

I try to give her Chicken soup for the dog lovers soul dry food. My mother gives her table food such as bones and chicken hambuger meat.
Then she gives her pedigree wet food.
I really try to give her dry food. But I am not around to see what goes on

While I certainly agree with Angelzoo that exercise will stimulate the bowel, I would be extremely careful about "really running" any dog in this heat, but especially if it is older. Walking really will do, & preferably in the shade. Is she drinking enough water? Have you called your vet?

She went yesterday. Lastnight I notice her acting like she wanted to POOP and did not. I also walk her around all night to see if she poop. I will check the back yard in a few minutes.

Yes I don't know where your located, but I hope common sense alone would tell you not to go running on a hot hot day, here it's very nice and mild out currently perfect for a nice run. Walking sometimes can do it, though not always, I and others have had more sucess after running if a dog has gone 2-3 days with out a BM. As suebgone mentioned make sure she is getting adiquit water daily.
Has she had a clean bill of health from the vet recently, if not and this continues for another day bring her into the vet (that same day, aka tomorrow).
Those bones you mother gives her, are they cooked, or raw, frozen..?
How often is she getting the chicken soup kibble, every meal?
Does this constipation activity happen often? Perhaps she could just use a fiber suppelment each day. (That's something you can speak to your vet about.)
There are over the counter remedies you can give to help her, but I won't recommend them until you clear this issue with the vet.
Having a lot of meat and high protein is great, but you've gotta have rougage/fiber to keep everything flowing as it should.
The bones worry me, please let us know what kind of bones are being given. This might change the situation entirely.

She had a RIB BONE
I just check the back yard this little monster had POOp everywhere. But I still want to know why she was acting like she had to go and nothing came out. Poor Baby

It happens.
Are her stools really soft, or are they very hard, or just inbetween (normal for her?)
Was the Rib Bone cooked? Was this a human bone, or a dog treat bone?
From now on, have your mom keep her away from human foods unless you've both learned how to properly prepair a home made diet, and have slowly yet properly adjusted her to the new diet.

A human bone???? GAWD I hope not? Is she also getting rawhides?

i think she meant human food versus dog least i hope so!

Give her some margarine, if she's constipated it will help.
Also read the symptoms of bloat, trying to go and being unable to is one of the signs.