can tape worms kill a cat

i have two cats that one of i took to the vet for tape worms, the other cannot get into a carrier, she has tape worms too, can they kill a cat? is there anything i can use at home?
Here is a bit more... Various worms can cause serious issues in other countries or in people with poor hygiene practices when it comes to their pets. (I had a professor who was a parasitologist and epidemiologist and he used to bring in some unbelievable stuff from travels he had done, etc)/
Yes, tape worm if not treated and if the infestation gets severe can lead to complications. If you are certain it is tapeworm, ask the vet for a recommended wormer that you can give at home. Also, one type is transmitted by fleas - so make sure your cats are flea free. Another can be transmitted through eating raw meat - like dead rodents. So if your cats go out, this is one more reason to make them house pets. Note the tapeworm that is more common in dogs can be transmitted to humans if eggs are picked up, ingested, fleas, etc. Not sure about the ones in cats - but still a concern until I know more. Personally, I feel the wormers you can get through the vet are a better quality and also they tend to work better. I have dealt with more types of parasites than I care to even do again with various animals and work in a shelter. Discuss with your vet the best course of action. According to one vet's material I have read, he feels the injectable wormer containing praziquantel is more effective. (Dr. Peter Kross, DVM, Rivergate Veterinary Clinic in New York City) I have a cat that is tough to get into a carrier. What I do is have one that opens at the front and top. I have wrapped the cat in a towel, put the "kitty package" into the top and quicyly closed. Or I get a helper. But at some point all pets have to get to the vet and tapeworm can be tough to diagnose for the owner. But if you know it is tapeworm, talk to the vet about a good wormer that they can provide.